Monday, July 02, 2007

Ya Don't Stop: Hip-Hop Is Dead, Long Live Hip-Hop.

Here's a YouTube Mix of HipHop that doesn't make my ears bleed:

The Go! Team ("Ladyflash")

Colossus ("The Tribute")

Baby Boy Da Prince ("The Way I Live")

Spank Rock ("Rick Rubin")

Brother Ali ("Uncle Sam Goddamn")

M.I.A. ("Bird Flu")


Martin said...

Thanks. These were good. The chorus bass on Baby Boy Da Prince's "Naw Meen" combined with his lyric "I got a bundle in my jeans and it's real, homeeee" makes me explode. Jay-Z doesn't suck.

Joe Schraufnagel said...

Jay-Z does in fact suck/blow now. He raps about chilling w/ Gwyneth Paltrow for fucks sake. 'Big Pimpin'' was a Big Fluke.

Baby Boy Da Prince has the stoned-edest drawling flow ever (well, since Snoop). I'm looking forward to big things from both him and Amerie (Top 40 hip-hop saviors both of them). Oh, and I also REALLY love Ne-yo but he's hardly hip-hop. More like neo-Prince.