Friday, July 20, 2007

Scared Straight:: Inmate Abuse In The Philippines.

Okay, so you're chilling in The Philippines for some reason and somehow you fuck accidentally sold some black tar heroin to a ten-year-old or you had one too many margaritas and you sexually propositioned an officer of the law in the bathroom @ Chi-Chi' thing you know your ass is coverall-ed and you're doing time in some god-foresaken detention center. THIS is just a taste of the horror that awaits you:


Martin said...

This is strikingly beautiful.

"Bring It, Give It" came on my iPod Shuffle while I was on the elliptical machine at the gym and it worked.

Joe Schraufnagel said...

My first response was repulsion but you're right there is a certain elegance to the undertaking, I guess.

Martin said...

Working out on that weird elliptical thing is like dancing - my ass shakes, my head is bopping, and it's easy. It's a good time for good songs. "The Pressure Pt. 1" by Sounds of Blackness makes me feel like I will levitate off the elliptical into the stratosphere.

The prisoners also do a routine to "Radio Ga-Ga" of all things. It's less entertaining and a lot creepier.

Joe Schraufnagel said...

Just to clarify, I wasn't repulsed by your predilection for exercise...I'm of course inspired by you folks who move around for the sake of moving around...but Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' (as a piece of music, as video entertainment, as precisely choreographed discipline for incarcerated Filipinos)is straight up garbage. "The funk of forty thousand years". Get the fuck outta here.

Ass-shaking to Sounds Of Blackness and Joey & His Bone-Tired Mothers is, well...spiritual.