Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reason To Live #1: Clint, Michigan.

The Ponyster is not normally one to pimp bands but recently I've sampled a shitload of new ones (a lot of them local...B.K. Brooklyn in tha house, etc. etc.): Brazilian Girls (fun as fuck but too-cool-for-school and so I'm a little intimidated by them...I hope I never have to wait on Sabina Brazilian Girl...I can't tell my NuBlu from my NoBu and I'd probably have to apologize to her for being fat...), The Knife (not from Brooklyn but probably the most significant dance band to come down the pike since New Order)...and...

Clint, Michigan.

I love this band. They're as if The Carter Family with Very Special Guest Andy Bell from Erasure opened for Iris DeMent at The Cock. Clint "Michigan" Asay's voice is dove-bar sweet; he could work it hard for his teen fanbase but he gives plenty of playtime to his bandmates Pinky (ubiquitous viola-player here in her) and Mason (mandolin). Great, bittersweet, snarky, just-short-of-arch songwriting and soaring harmonies...lovely. I'd produce them if I knew how to produce (I'm learning) but I'm sure LD Beghtol or Stephin Merritt will step in and do the job for me.

Look out for them. I'm sure they're a gas live on stage. Clint's a's worth the price of admission just to hear his stage patter.


Martin said...

Joe - this is my new favorite blog so I hope you keep writing it. I love the two songs on Clint, Michigan's myspace page. REminds me a lot of Merritt. I want an album.

Joe Schraufnagel said...

Me too. Thanks, Martin...I'll link to you (if I can figure out how...I'm kind of dense that way).