Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Know It's Late And I Should Probably Be In Bed Or Married With Kids Or Revising My Resume...

...but Grizzly Bear's 'Yellow House' is FUCKING BREAKING MY HEART RIGHT NOW!

Get. Up.

Get up outta that chair and trot yourself down to Earwax or Douchehole or wherever you buy your music at and BUY THIS CD!

If Rolling Stone were AT ALL the tastemaker it thinks it is, it would have rated this piece of work five stars and whoever writes for them anymore would have gone on and on about Van Morrison and how maybe prog-rock wasn't so bad after all...


This is gorgeous stuff.

They're Fleetwood Mac meets King Crimson meets a garbage truck meets a Salvation Army Band meets The Turtles meets Electric Light Orchestra unplugged...

The stand-out track is a ghostly, slow-burning Beached Boy bolero: 'The Knife'...pure sexy necrophilia. Hear it once, light a candle for The Shangri-La's or Siouxsie Sioux or Mama Cass Elliott or Sharon Tate and ball your eyes out, or don't, but do put it on a mix cd for one of the undead you're currently retro-crushing on. If that's what you're in to.

..also they're from Brooklyn and they're all no doubt shorter than you. To hear them is to love them.

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