Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Is In The Air, Robbed By A Locksmith.

Merry April Fool's Day, DJ Satisfaction Pony! Watch in horror as Mr. Locksmith breaks your door and charges you $300 for his services! Swallow your tongue as Mister Freakshow Locksmith follows you to an ATM whereat he breathes through his mouth over your shoulder and demands even more money than the original figure claiming 'travelling fee'!

Consider having 'Hi, I'm a great big putz' tattooed to your forehead, save everyone else the 30 seconds of figuring it out for themselves!


George said...

Ugh! That really sux! Sorry to hear that happened to you.


Joe Schraufnagel said...

Thanks for the outreach, George...and all of this AFTER I mentioned the guy's ad in The Yellow Pages for %10 off!

Joe Schraufnagel said...
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Keith said...

It's a pity you had this problems, but I believe not all locksmith are like that. If you want to find good locksmith, take a look at following tips:
Tips and warnings for choosing a locksmith
1. What's in a name of locksmith company?
2. Unclear advertising
3. Unmarked car
4. Ask for identification
5. Get an estimate
6. Demand an invoice
7. Just say no if you doubt