Sunday, February 04, 2007

Reason To Live #3: Collaborating On Shit Via Email.

Try this:

Find yourself a home-schooled, GarageBand-savvy, musical prodigy who lives way far away from you, take a stab at writing some somewhat RichardMarx-by-way-of-FrankZappa lyrics and then shyly email them to him/her with the intention of having this lil' Syd Barrett/Prince/Joni Mitchell/Joanna Newsom-type person set your rhymes to music.

Have Syd Barrett/Prince/Joni Mitchell/Joanna Newsom-type prodigy email his/her results back to you (preferably in mp3 format), listen to the results three times over and then swiftly type your response without any consideration paid to whether your directives are do-able, or even sane & send your thoughts back to your prodigious friend.

You'll be all giddy, I guarantee it.

Here's a copy-n-paste of an email I just now fired off to My GarageBand Buddy:

Here are my thoughts:

I actually like The Crowd Of YMCA Joeys...and in fact, it's quite
brilliant because it's*military*... for lack of a better
word...and we could push it even further with a crisper, more
aggressive,'s hilarious.

"YES we CAN"
"ARE YOU READY?" (maybe a sampled army drill feel to it?..."I don't
wanna be an airforce ranger..." etc. etc.)

Lovelovelove the orchestra thingy!!!!

Love the funeral organ and alien synthy thing...bring the funeral
organ forward maybe?

Also, do you know what would be cool? If you whistled the melody
(maybe slightly off-key) in the give it a lonely
feel...the whole thing is pretty dire for a dance a fun
kinda way. Can you play the congas? Can you whistle the melody
over a conga jam in the outro? There's plenty of stuff we can do
with that fablus military drill samples, you
whistling, percussive freakout...I love that you give the outro
room for stuff like that...and I REALLY love the kooky synth bleats
at the end! Lololol! It's perfect! I predict remix after remix
after remix of 'Bring It, Give It'

Brazilian Girls 4ever!,



Cutie said...

maybe somethime we can fuck im me at

Joe Schraufnagel said...

Oh, Cutie.

Poor, sad, lonely, feverishly spamming, lost-soul Cutie. I'm sincerely flattered're just not in the cards. Thanks tho.